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factory heated insole

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Product Name: factory heated insole
Category: Defense and Law Enforcement and Security and Safety Equipment and Supplies
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Supplier: Dongguan Mi-time Plastic Products Co.,Ltd
Post Date: Jun 9 2015 07:08
Expiry Date: --
Sale Quantity:
500.00 pair(s)
Unit Price: 27.00 US$
Subtotal: 13500.00 US$
Product Location

Shipping Term: FOB (Free on Board)
Shipping Destination: Shenzhen
Buyer Inspection: Allowed
Payment Method: Wire Transfer
Payment Terms: Advance: 30 %
Comment: For optimal functioning ,please read the manual carefully before using the product. The heat insoles made by the newest Ortholite materials, with nice appearance, insulation, ventilation, comfort features. To ensure consistency, remote control stability, and appearance,the internal control system use high frequency double channel RF wireless control.the heating material of carbon-fiber composites with the function of high efficiency and intensity . when heating , the carbon fabric material can promoting blood circulation. High-capacity polymer batteries can ensure the long time of heat preservation effect .for the heating element ,using good strength and high flexibility carbon fiber , can avoid walking repeated bending problem of damage to the heating element I. Need to match the insole with the remote control before use it Choose a pair of insole and a remote control separated, press the ON button last 10 seconds, the red / orange / green light will flash in order. Then press an any button , matched over. II: Instructions 1. Before use this product, please fully charged the battery. plug in the adapter, the LED turn red light that indicates the battery is charging, when the battery fully charged, the red-light turn to green-light. 2. Press the H button on the remote control, the remote control LED flash once, then the insole LED turn red-light and last 3 seconds, the insole turn into the high-end model. 3. Press the M button on the remote control, remote control LED flash once, then the insole LED turn orange-light and last 3 seconds, the insole turn into the mid-end model. 4. Press the L button on the remote control, remote control LED flash once, then the insole LED turn green-light and last 3 seconds, the insole turn into the low-end model. 5. Press the ON button , remote control LED flash once, the LED off , insole stop working. III. If lost the remote control, please press the switch next to the charging port. 1. Press the switch last three seconds to start the insole, insoles LED on red light and last three seconds, insole work in the high-end model. 2. When the insole worked in high-end model, press the switch, insole LED on orange light and last three seconds , insole turn into the mid-end model. 3. When the insole worked in mid-end model, press the switch, insole LED on green light and last three seconds, insole turn into low-end model. 4. Press the switch again then the insole will work in high-end model, repeated cycles. 5. Press the switch last more than three seconds , LED light flash twice ,insole stop working. Heating parameters: High-end: 55℃2℃, last about 3-4 hours. Mid-end: 50 ℃2℃, last about 4-5 hours. Low-end: 45 ℃2℃, last about 6-7 hours. NOTE : Insoles are suggested to be used between -20 C ~ 60 C range. Extreme temperature will influence the performance of lithium battery. Battery capacity lower rapidly in extreme cold weather! Electrical parameters: Insole battery voltage: 3.7V Battery capacity insole: 1900ma Operating voltage range: 3.0V-4.2V Charging cut-off voltage: 4.2V Discharge cut-off voltage: 3.0V Battery life: more than 500 cycles Chargers parameters: Charging method: Constant current constant voltage (CC / CV) Charging temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ Input: AC/100-230V 40-60Hz Output: DC/4.2V 500ma * 2 Our Advantages: *Focus on developing and producing heated products, including heated insoles, heated gloves, and heated clothes. *Professional R & D team, we can do design from Concept to Completion. *Our factory is equipped with a full range of the most advanced production machines, excellent production capacity to about 1.5 million pairs of insoles per month. *To cooperate with us, you will never need to worry about the duties, shipping costs, customs, import brokers, or even quality. We can provide the best efficient solutions.
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